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R3 Reliable Redistribution Resource® is thrilled to invite you and your guest to an extraordinary experience in the enchanting city of Prague. As part of our Go for the Gold XXVIII customer incentive program, you have the exclusive opportunity to earn a FREE trip for two to this captivating destination. From April 24th- April 28th, 2025, you’ll indulge in a 5-day, 4-night stay at the charming Prague Marriott Hotel, where we will ensure your comfort and enjoyment as our esteemed guests.

Program Period

July 1st, 2024 – November 30th, 2024

The program dates represent R3®’s July through November national accounting periods. All purchases must be delivered and invoiced by the end of our servicing branch’s November accounting period in order to qualify as program purchases. Please check with your R3® sales representative to answer any specific questions.


All R3® customers in good standing are eligible to participate in the program. Simply complete your online registration before July 1st, 2024.

How to Participate

Minimum Purchase Requirement

Eligible R3® customers must purchase and receive delivery of product from R3® representing a minimum of $115,000 during the program period. All R3® purchases, not just those of the program sponsored products, are included towards meeting the minimum purchase requirement.

Earn a Trip to Prague

In addition to the $115,000 minimum purchase requirement, R3® Go for the Gold registered customers must show positive sales growth for the entire period of January through November 2024 on their total R3® purchases versus the same period last year. They also must achieve a minimum percent increase in purchases over 2023 for the program period and accumulate the minimum point value associated with the growth level achieved as detailed below:

Minimum Point Requirement % Increase Require During Contest Period
172,500 30% Growth
218,500 25% Growth
264,500 20% Growth
310,500 15% Growth
356,500 10% Growth
402,500 5% Growth

Bonus Trip Opportunity

For those customers who purchase and receive delivery of a minimum of $431,250 worth of product during the program period and have already qualified for a first trip award, there is an opportunity to qualify for a second trip for two. R3® Go for the Gold registered customers aiming for the bonus trip must achieve a minimum percent increase in purchases during the 2024 program period and accumulate the minimum point value associated with the growth level achieved as detailed below:

Minimum Point Requirement % Increase Require During Contest Period
477,250 30% Growth
603,750 25% Growth
730,250 20% Growth
856,750 15% Growth
983,250 10% Growth
1,109,750 5% Growth

Program Registration

To register for Go for the Gold XXVIII, use our online registration process. Go to r3goforthegold.com and input your email address, password, name, address, phone number, which industry you predominantly service, the number of the R3® location that services you and your R3® account number (it’s easy to confirm your location and account numbers – just ask your local R3® sales or customer service representative!). Registering online is your indication that you would like to participate in the R3® Go for the Gold XXVIII program and that you agree to the following:

  1. We understand that we are able to earn points through special allowances to help us win a free trip for two only if we increase our 2024 net purchase amount over our 2023 net purchase amount as described above.
  2. We understand that the time period for earning trip points is from July 1, 2024, through November 30, 2024, as defined in the Program Period section.
  3. We further acknowledge that all trips are based upon double occupancy.
  4. We are a current R3® customer in good standing. Only those purchases made within the program period paid within terms shall qualify under the Go for the Gold purchase requirement.
  5. We can only achieve up to two trip awards and that a second trip is only achieved by meeting the criteria as outlined in the Bonus Trip Opportunity section above.
  6. Trip points and trip awards can only be used towards this trip program and are not redeemable for cash or alternate destinations.
  7. We must travel on the dates assigned to you by R3®.
  8. ALL PERSONS traveling on the trips must be 21 years of age or older.
  9. If we have any dietary restrictions or special food considerations, we will pay for any additional costs associated with preparing or attaining these special meals.
  10. Our representatives who travel are responsible for all taxes for themselves and their guests, and U.S. 1099 or Canadian T4A tax forms will be issued based on the value of the trip as determined by R3®.
  11. We can only qualify for trips based on the criteria as outlined on this website; deficits cannot be made up with cash.
  12. Go for the Gold trip awards are non-transferable beyond our company, and we cannot present these awards to anyone who is not employed by our company.
  13. If our January through November purchases do not reflect positive growth over the same period last year, even if we meet all other trip requirements, we are not eligible for a trip.
  14. To release and hold harmless R3® and Creative Group Company from any and all claims arising from accidental death, injury, or harm to persons and/or damage to, or loss of possessions, suffered by ourselves, our family, or our employees while on a Go for the Gold trip.

Go for the Gold XXVIII Mobile App

Registering for Go for the Gold XXVIII online automatically gives you access to the Go for the Gold Mobile App. The email you use for program registration is your username, and once you download the app from the Apple or Google store, it will prompt you to create your unique password on the app login screen. Go for the Gold Mobile App has many new and updated features for 2024.

In addition to being able to view your current program status this year, the app will allow you to access the catalog of all eligible Go for the Gold products, promotions, and program updates through the messaging feature. Your R3® sales representative contact information will also be accessible. We will also phase in other features throughout the course of the program.

Point Promotions & Catalogs

View Current Product and Point Promotions or Product Catalogs by using the R3® Go for the Gold App or our desktop version at app.r3goforthegold.com.

Want the app? Download it from the Apple Store or Google Play!